Our Story

We believe we can change the world by directing our spending choice towards good.

Our MIssion

We are wildly and unabashedly focused on igniting change through shopping. We wake every day to provide you a shopping experience that has not existed before for as many people as we can possibly handle and to articulate how collectively we can make a greater difference than by ourselves.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create long-lasting social change through a marketplace that showcases the good our partners are doing and the collective good we can all make when we harness our spending toward causes we all care about. We do this by partnering with you.

We Believe

We are strong believers that the change we wish to see in the world stems from the way we live our lives every single day. So, we’ve chosen to live our lives lifting up partners making the world a better place and inviting the change-maker in everyone to join us.

Our Manifesto

We are a movement of the good-hearted. We find beauty in the threads that weave together the stories of the world, a world made up of our neighbors, our friends, of those we know by name, and those we only know by heart. We believe in big dreams and wild ideas - the kind that brings hope to the hopeless and love to the lost - the kind that turns victims into victors. Our heroes come from all nations with sorrows and stories that break our hearts and bind us together. Here, we’ve created a space for the global artisan to tell her story, a space where second chances soar with hope, and together, we transform society in a way the world has not yet seen. Here, we’ve created a space for us all to come together, for good, at Mercantile for Good. 

Meet Our Chief ambassadors of good

Brenna Vaughn

Brenna loves causing change and is so glad to serve each customer that comes to Mercantile for Good. Brenna is a serial hybrid entrepreneur who works at the intersections of philanthropy, renewable energy, mentoring and investing. She brings each of these hats into Mercantile for Good as well as her leadership experience of the past 15 years of leading business, nonprofits, and being the change she wishes to see in the world. Her highest value and priority is her three children and husband who she loves adventuring with.

Gina Moran

Gina is an experienced non-profit leader with nearly 20 years experience in non-profit leadership and development which gives her the drive to make sure every product purchased truly creates good in the world. Gina has spent her entire career seeking out opportunities to empower and inspire others to leverage their influence to make the world a  better place.

Gina is a Colorado native, wife to an amazingly kind and loving man and momma to her mini-me. She loves to travel and you can find the key to her heart with good coffee and even better chocolate. When Gina's not looking for your favorite new product to add to the Mercantile, she's leading the fight against child trafficking at JOY International.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

- Mary Oliver

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