What we are Resolute about in 2021

As we take our first strong steps into 2021 with our collective of change-makers, we are sharing what we are resolute about. If these resonate with you, please weave them into your intentions for 2021!

We are resolute about kindness. There are a million ways to be kind and, in all things, we choose to be unwaveringly kind. We choose to be kind to survivors, those who have experienced trafficking, those who have been deemed lesser, and least. We give a voice to them until they find their voice. 

We are resolute about fairness. Treat others fairly and we seek fair trade solutions to lift up artisans. 

We are resolute about clean water.  We believe communities can only rise when they have easy access to safe drinking water. This stands true in our backyard communities and faraway places. 

We are so deeply resolute about protecting our environment. We care about how we package items to ship, how we purchase items, and the solutions to protect our limited resources on Earth. 

We are resolute about community. We are striving towards connecting communities, helping find paths for inclusion, and supporting everyone in the communities we touch.  We know we can be the change with small actions and choices. 

Our resolution can be distilled into three words. Be the Change.  We will be launching something really big in just a few days for you to stand up and Be the Change. We can’t wait for you to join us on this journey.   

We always love hearing from you, what else we should add to our resolutions, and what you are seeing out there in this beautiful world. We can’t wait to hear from you!  

Grateful + Hopeful,