What we are grateful for.

What we are grateful for

We could sit here and write you a book on our gratitude for this year. But this year instead we are sharing our top list of things we are grateful for. 

  • You.
  • The possibility of creating and spreading goodness.
  • Impact through gifting.
  • Our spouses for believing in us.
  • Our kids for being our tiny changemakers and giving us the fire to continue this.
  • Our partner organizations who are out there changing the world.
  • What is yet to come.

These items are not shared lightly. We well up with tears thinking about this gratitude we have and want to pause and say thank you. We have all holiday season to share our joy and ideas with you but for today it is just gratitude. 

We are grateful to you for supporting this wild idea and being the change you wish to see.