Want to help Ukraine?

Want to Help Ukraine?


Bottom line, buy anything at Mercantile for Good during the next seven days and we will direct all the profits to a Rotary International Chapter in Ukraine that is actively working to provide humanitarian relief. You get to do double the good this week by supporting one of our 45 current partners as well as helping someone with a critical need to survive. 

I (Brenna) looked at our littlest today as she stared at the front page news of a family hunkered in a bunker in Ukraine. As she chewed her glazed chocolate donut (don’t judge, it is our mid- week tradition that Eric started), she asked if kids were hiding in basements too? I said they were and that their mamas and dadas were doing their best to keep all the kids safe.  I could tell the image shook her. Who am I joking? Each of us has seen an image that has rattled us these past days.  We know there are many crises happening each day in so many parts of the world, but today we are helping our Ukrainian community. 

So instead of sitting on the sidelines, let’s take a bit of action.  An opportunity sprang up to lend support through a Rotary Club yesterday and I thought we could band together to see what we could do collectively. 

So join us and make a difference.  Let’s see what we can do.  Feel free to share this email with friends and so we can do even more good.

Grateful + Hopeful,

Brenna and Gina