Top Ways to Be the Change

Okay, we get it. One size does not fit all. We continually are reminded that we are individuals with unique needs, wishes, and abilities. That is what we love about this world.  We heard from our change-makers that you want to buy our Be the Change boxes by theme for loved ones or as birthday gifts. So we have made it happen and are thrilled to share that you can now buy our Be the Change Boxes by cause or a one-time subscription box!  We love that we get to work with over 40 nonprofits in 17 countries in 14 impact areas. Our circle is widening thanks to your intentional shopping choices and you telling us what you want to shop for! 

In addition, we also have made it possible to buy a one-time Be the Change box, a monthly Be the Change box, and now a quarterly Be the Change box!  We can’t wait to spread more goodness by giving you more ways to create an impact with your gift-giving. 

We believe that with each gift we give, we have the capability of doing good in the world. Each subscription box, gift, and gesture of kindness can truly change the world.

We invite you to choose your next gift from Mercantile for Good and see how good it feels! 



Also, here are our top picks for ways to be the change through intentional shopping.  

  •  Buy a one-time Be the Change Box. It supports 3-5 social impact partners and nonprofits and allows us to collectively be the change on a much larger scale than if we just purchased one product.
  • Choose a gift from the Mercantile from a cause you have never supported before. It feels amazing to create change through intentional shopping.  Plus you get to learn about what people are doing around the world to make it a better place. 
  • Try to buy children’s gifts from our kid’s section. Why?  Each gift opens the door for a conversation with a young one about how a product is giving opportunity and help to someone in the world. 
  • Spread kindness through thoughtful gifting. Before popping onto Amazon for gift-giving, pause and take a moment to cruise Mercantile for Good. We are sure you will be able to find a more impactful gift that creates good in the world.