Sick of Shopping on Amazon? So are we…


We hear so often from our friends, shoppers, and change-makers that through the pandemic, it is so tiring and bland to shop on Amazon. Yes, we can get a toaster, floss, and windshield wipers all at the same time, but that is only out of necessity. We too have fallen into the trap of endless scrolling searching for the perfect gift and coming up empty-handed, because when we shop for ourselves or friends, we want something meaningful. 

That is one reason we started Mercantile for Good. We were sick of shopping on Amazon and simply padding the pockets of a huge corporation and ending up with really blah items for ourselves and friends.  Jeff Bezos doesn’t need our money, but we know countless communities, local shops, and causes that could use our support. So we started the Mercantile to make it completely easy to live our values, make easy purchasing choices, while buying goods we know to be high-quality and appealing! 

If we had to be completely honest with ourselves and you, our goal is to grow Mercantile for Good to be a gigantic force of good. We would love for our customers to pop onto the Mercantile and make a great shopping choice and cause goodness all around us.  We would love our community to continue to choose unique items, home goods, décor, apparel, and gifts that fill their homes with treasures from near and far. We know that our big dream will take time, and we will do our part by continuing to seek out products that make our hearts flutter.  We hope you will think of Mercantile for Good when the time comes to do online shopping and that you will help us spread the word to those you know.

Thanks for being on this adventure, living into your values, and believing in what can be in the world around us. 

Make sure to check out our gift boxes this holiday season.

Make sure to check out our gift boxes this holiday season.