Shopping for a Cause

Shopping for a cause? 

Perhaps you are wondering what this means too! We felt it important to share what this whole shopping for a cause is all about. As a fellow trailblazer with Mercantile for Good, we know that you use your choices to create change.  When we choose a treasure for our home, a gift for a child, a memento for a friend, or a simple beautiful thing that brings joy to our lives, we have the chance to shop for a cause. 

At Mercantile for Good, we are all about connecting you with beautiful causes, artisans, and goods. We know that there is a world filled with treasures, meaning, and beauty. Our job is to connect each of you with that beauty while supporting causes like clean water, refugees, and education.  When you shop at Mercantile for Good, you absolutely are shopping for a cause.  Each token, piece of jewelry, stuffed animal, or pajamas, lifts up a cause to do a little more.