Our First....

Our first official communication! 

It is interesting to articulate Mercantile for Good to someone not familiar with our passion project. We wanted to give readers a sneak peek of how we share ourselves with the world as we mark our grand opening! So here it goes, our first blog, and we guess our first press release!


This week marks the grand opening of a new online store called Mercantile for Good.  Headed by Gina Moran and Brenna Vaughn, the store has a unique goal. Cause massive amounts of good.  The store showcases everyday products that benefit social impact areas like homelessness, refugees, human trafficking, and the environment. As they launch this week they currently work to support 11 impact areas in 10 sovereign states and nations.


What makes Mercantile for Good so special, is that when someone shops Mercantile for Good they will receive their package with information about each cause, their individual impact made, and the collective good that together we are making in the world when working towards solving issues.  Examples of products are handwoven blankets from women entrepreneurs in Cambodia, socks made by youth experiencing homelessness in the US, and stuffed animals made by refugees escaping Syria while starting a new life in Istanbul. 

 “The reason we are starting this venture now is that it is time to start building bridges, realizing we are all in a shared community and we can direct some of the $130 trillion in consumer spending towards good.”, shared Brenna Vaughn, Chief Ambassador of Impact.  “It is time we start rethinking how we interact with the world financially and start directing and creating good through our everyday choices, which is where Mercantile for Good sprung up from.” 


“What inspires me most about Mercantile for Good is that the next time you go to buy a mug, instead of padding the deep pockets of large corporations, you can empower a survivor of human trafficking, feed a child, or create opportunity for someone experiencing homelessness. I placed an order with a partner in Uganda yesterday and the woman started crying because our purchase was literally going to pay rent and help feed the teen moms who are employed by their company.”, shared Gina Moran, Chief Ambassador of Good. “This is the kind of impact we are striving for.”


Mercantile for Good is bringing a neat opportunity to connect within Evergreen even though they can’t open a store-front yet and the co-founders hope that the community will work to be leaders in transforming the world for the better by being supportive of this community-born idea right here in our backyard.  For more information or to take a peek visit, www.mercantileforgood.com.