Make a Vote for Good

If the past few days have taught us anything, they’ve taught us that every one of us has the power to make our voice heard, the power to affect change with our vote. And while election day has passed, the choices we make every day represent another opportunity for us to cast a vote for change, a vote for good.

 Moving forward, we can continue to vote for our values with every purchase we make. And within that vote, we hold the power to make the world a better place. We get to choose to challenge economic inequality, fight for clean water and empower those who need a second chance.  We get to vote for good.


Mercantile for Good is proud to partner with several nonprofits and social enterprises that empower survivors of human trafficking, providing them an opportunity to create as an artisan, receive a fair wage for beautifully made products and receive the holistic education and care they need. Purchasing these products is a vote for a woman who has experienced trauma like many of us will never know. She is paving the way for a new beginning and your vote for her matters.


No one element in our lives defines us, certainly not our housing status. Every one deserves the opportunity to write a new story, to be given a second chance. Partners like Hippy Feet, Second Story Cards and Kind Karma Co employ individuals experiencing homelessness providing a foundation upon which they can express their creativity, gain crucial skills and rebuild their lives. We’re thankful for their partnership and grateful for the impact they’re making.

Every year thousands of refugees arrive on American soil seeking freedom, safety and opportunity. Their journeys began in countries like Burma, Cuba, Columbia, Dafur, Syria, Iraq and Tibet where violence and oppressions forced them to flee, leaving behind their homes, families and loved ones. Purchasing a product that supports items made by refugees is a vote for a warm welcome into a country that believes in freedom and opportunity for all.

 Your opportunity to make your voice heard hasn’t passed.

So, vote. Vote empowerment of women survivors. Vote opportunity for individuals experiencing homelessness. Vote hope for the vulnerable and marginalized. Vote to protect our planet and educate our children.  Vote for the change you wish to see in this world, and together, we our voices will make a lasting difference.

Shop to Vote!