Living Intentionally

The mantra this year has been to be intentional: to pause and make a calculated choice rather than just bursting back into what used to be normal as we emerge from the pandemic.  Instead of rushing back into stores and grabbing whatever is quick or fast, we want you to slow down, savor, and be intentional.  Why?  

When you are intentional, you get to take your time and select something thoughtful. We think this matters, especially in gift-giving.  Pausing and picturing a gift in the recipient’s hands is always a good key to deciding whether the gift is the right pick.

Intentionality changes lives. Sounds big and it is.  When you pick an item from Mercantile for Good, you are helping solve difficult challenges in the world around us, using money you were already going to spend.  You can order from that Amazon place, but we challenge you to use your intentionality to change a life. Help a survivor, feed a family, give a job or training to someone, provide fresh water,  you get to choose.  We love that you get to choose. 

Lastly, intentionality allows you to savor. We get so much more enjoyment out of our choices when we get to revel in our choice. When you cuddle into one of our blankets, slip into cozy socks, or cradle a handmade mug in your hands, it is one of the best savoring experiences we can think of. It is a reminder that through intentionality we get to slow down and savor. 

So this holiday season we ask you to rise to our challenge to be intentional.  Savor. We will see you around the store.