Igniting Change Through Shopping


Black History month is the perfect reason to shout from the mountaintops that Black History is American History.  We look at the world through the lens of what our role is in igniting change through shopping and making steps towards equity for all, and especially all of the black-owned business owners muddling through pandemic.

So this month we wanted to not only share how you can make a difference today through Mercantile for Good, but also give you some good resources to help find ways to patron black-owned shops to help keep make strides towards equality, equity, and justice. 

Check out these directories to find great black-owned businesses:  




Of course, we love seeing how you are choosing to make a difference this February (and every month) so send us your pics or share on social media your other great ideas and tips so we can band together to make an even bigger impact together. 


HEY! One more thing before you head off to read other amazing content, don’t forget we are putting together fundraisers to help amplify our good in the world and creating a referral program for our customers and change makers. After all, we know we are better when we work together to create change.