How to Live During Uncertain Times

“We all want to change the world, but nobody wants to help Mom with the dishes”.

I know I am stressed when I start holding my breath. I have been holding my breath a lot lately. 

I was thinking about what to share this month on our blog. We just wrapped up a wonderful year changing the world through small actions, but it is has been so hard to look too far out in the future.

Plans change so much these days and times seem so uncertain.  It made me think of a story I recently read about a monk who walked into a class of high school students to share a lesson about life.  Without a word the monk walked up to a chalkboard and wrote “We all want to change the world, but nobody wants to help Mom with the dishes”. The whole class laughed at this.  After the laughter subsided he said, “Statistically speaking you are not likely going to run into an orphanage that is on fire and save an infant.  But you can do daily kind tasks and small gestures which can truly change the world for the universe that you can have an impact on.  You get to change the world for your universe in your sphere of influence.”

This is particularly a good reminder right now when things are a little bleak and things can appear to be spinning out of control in the world. Instead, let’s spend our energy on the little gestures, small acts, and using our choices for good.  I hope you will take a moment and light up someone’s world with a tiny act of kindness, a gift from Mercantile for Good, or even helping mom with the dishes…until then, I will keep breathing deeply and know that we are pointed in a good direction even in uncertain times.  Thanks for all you do to make the world a better place.  We love you changemakers!