How Businesses Can Make an Impact This Holiday Season

You know that Mercantile for Good is all about intentional impact shopping. We work to ignite change with 45 impact partners in 18 countries in over 16 social impact areas. It is in our blood, our actions, and our deeds.  Now we are giving other businesses the chance to do massive good with holiday gifts. 

What we challenge each of you to do this last quarter of the year in your job, side hustle, as a business owner, or entrepreneur is to take time to make an impact with your end-of-year giving. 

We know so many realtors, financial planners, and corporate leaders who fill mailboxes with pears and junk food.  That doesn’t make a true difference.  We want end-of-year gifts to help transform lives, lend a hand to someone experiencing homelessness, give stability to someone escaping trafficking, and bringing clean water to communities.  We are making it so easy to give gifts that do good. 

So our challenge to you is to think about how you can make an impact through your work to create good this holiday season. Let us help you find the perfect gift baskets, celebration gifts, small tokens for clients, or large impact gifts for meaningful client relationships. Let us create goodness through high-quality and unique gifts.  Let’s help businesses change outcomes for others this year.