6 Tips for Giving Gifts to Families

What makes a great family gift? 

Our 6 top tips for family gifts that everyone can enjoy together. 

Family gifts can be the hardest to pick!  We have taken the guesswork out of finding the right gifts with our six top tips on family gift ideas that are sure to be cherished by everyone in the fam. 

  1. Great family gifts have something for everyone in the family

    The way you show you care is by making sure the family gift shows you spent a hot minute thinking of the gift. A movie for the parents is a snoozer gift for the kids, and a pile of stuffed animals is not what every parent appreciates.  We like to share gifts that are for everyone. This year we recommend this hot chocolate and mug gift set
  1. Can be enjoyed together

     Giving the gift of time together is something every parent longs for (especially as you start having crazy busy teenagers!). We recommend this family night gift set!
  1. Something to enjoy right now and something to enjoy for years to come

    We like to share a treat now and a treat that will be remembered for years to come. We found that kids love this garland to decorate the house with each year (who doesn’t love a good felt garland) and then a candle to set the mood of the season with this holiday gift set.  
  1. Not another canned gift idea

    Spoiler alert, we don’t like meaningless holiday baskets. Instead, we care about things like ethical chocolate (that is a thing), or something so personal you know the gift giver thought about it.
  1. A gift that gives back!

    What we love the most is that all of the gifts in our store give back. That is truly something that we are passionate about and hope families are too. When you give a gift from Mercantile for Good you support a nonprofit or social impact partner.
  1. Surprises. 

We love surprises. It gives both the gift giver and family receiving the gift a conversation, a surprise, and delight when you discover what the family received. We know there are lots of gifts to choose from, but the one we love best is the Be the Change Box. It is a box that every month will give a surprise to the family, give them items to enjoy and share, and start a conversation about that month’s cause, or social impact area, so they can learn about new causes and products. That is the best gift this holiday season. 


So when you are thinking about family gifts we hope you will choose gifts that everyone can enjoy, that make an impact, and mostly that comes from your heart!