4 Tips for Thoughtful Business gifts

4 Tips for Thoughtful Business gifts

This holiday season, we are focused on gifts that make a difference for your office, client appreciation, executive gifts, and all the ways you can make the final days of 2022 a success! These are our top tips on how to make business gifts matter.



1.     Why Client Appreciation Gifts and Employee Gifts Matter

We know you spend a good deal of time with your coworkers, and studies show that gifting makes a big difference. We love this article on how to show love to your customers, and if you don’t, someone else will! 

2.     Business Gift Etiquette

So we want to help you get great gifts for your employees, and clients, as well as find ways to make gifting easy this season and do good in the world at the same time.  We researched the etiquette of gift giving, and have curated our top picks for corporate gifts in a whole new revamped gift collection! 

Executive Gift Set

3.     Steer Clear of these Office Gifts

We hope you don’t stick with boring office items like paperweights, but instead show your compassionate side and choose a gift that is personal and thoughtful.  One thing we learned as we were pulling together our gifts for executives, was the fine line between thoughtful and too personal!  Steer clear of clothing and humorous items, because not everyone is the same size or has the same sense of humor. 

4.     What we recommend for office gifts

We recommend you pick high-quality, ethical, and sustainable gifts that can be enjoyed for years to come through items like our gourmet gift basket, high-quality water bottles that donate to clean water, or ethical chocolate gift sets that can be enjoyed in the office. 

We know gift-giving can bring anxiety, but our hope is that with these quick tips and ideas, that you can feel ready to give great gifts to employees or clients, and ready to do good with gift-giving!   Chocolate Gift Set for Coworkers